Danielle and Eloise Gibbons enjoy a late night bath together at the Gibbon's residence in Eagle Springs, NC.

Katherine Smith, a local artist, poses for a portrait in Pinebluff, NC.

David Woodruff sits on the steps of his old high school in Southern Pines, NC.

De'Bryant Martin, from the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Pines, takes a drink of his Gatorade, in Southern Pines, NC.

Jake Beard tells me about life while I photograph him and his family at the Weymouth Center in downtown Southern Pines, NC.

A couple say their 'goodbyes' in the form of a kiss in New York, NY.

Luke Smith takes a walk on the mountains in Boone, NC.

Madisyn, left, and Chad Overcase celebrate their ribbons during the 2014 Special Olympics in Southern Pines, NC.

Bride, Kimberly Daniels, enjoys spending some quality time with her bridesmaids before the ceremony begins on her big day in downtown Raleigh, NC.

Abbi O'Leary hides from the camera in Asheboro, NC.

Stephen and Roxanne Thomas, struggle with the death of their son, Christopher Thomas, in Eagle Springs, NC.